Freshening Up the Old:

How do you create interest and newness around an existing event?

Jessica Kent had a big challenge. As the director of a local nonprofit, it was critical she make sure her nonprofit’s annual event was a big winner.

But, how did you make something that happens every year seem fresh and new? And how do you get it in front of a new audience?

Especially when the event is happening in only 60 days?

More Good Media immediately rose to the occasion, first working with her to get her message dialed in and then getting it in front of as many local media sites as possible.

The result? It was picked up by numerous local media, including the local TV station,  the event ended up with record attendance that year.


  • Feature in the Herald Mail

  • 25 (my old station)

  • Frederick News Post

  • Her event listed on all the DC, VA and Baltimore media sites

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