Sending a “press release” is dead (DO this instead)

If you want to get the media’s attention, sending a press release is NOT the way to go.

That strategy is dead! It is dying a slow death.

Do this instead:

Send an email with the subject line “Story idea” or “I have a storyidea for you”

Then in the email say something along the lines of:


I have a story idea for you. 

This {date}, we are {hosting/doing/featuring/launching ______} and I thought it might interest you. 

{Then list three reasons why its newsworthy/interesting}

{Then connect the story idea to what is in it for them. For example say –>} 

I know you like to cover the ” latest ______”

OR the “compelling stories that matter for _______”.

{Next compliment their work —>} 

And you always do a great job _________. {insert phrases like “asking the tough questions” or “getting to the heart of the story}”

{Then leave the ball in their court —>}

So I just wanted to make sure you knew about it. It would make for a great story. Let me know if you are interested and I can give you more details. 

{End by thanking them —>}

Thanks again XYZ, I look forward to hearing back from you.

There you have it!

This little strategy here is my baby and over the years it has helped me get a ton of press coverage for my clients. And I know for a fact it will help you get press coverage too!

If you want more help on this strategy and our other tips to getting the media’s attention, check out our free Quickstart Template to Getting the Media to Say Yes! Download it here. 

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